Press Report 07NOV16

By | 07/11/2016

Fenland Running Club were out in force with 33 members amongst the 533 finishers at the second Frostbite Friendly League race hosted by Bushfield Joggers with a new 5-mile off-road course at Nene Park, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough.  Most notable achievements by the FRC runners were by those who finished the five mile course having only joined the Club after completing the ‘Get Running’ beginner’s course in June.  First finisher for the men was Marting Jennings who was 31st in a time of  30:21.  First lady home was Ellen Connolly who was 212th in 37:01.  Full results:  Martin Jennings 31st 30:21; Rod Sinnott 72nd 32:33; Tim Chapman 108th 33:48; Tom Richards 129th 34:18; Dan Wate 151st 34:53; Stuart Follen 154th 34:58; John Chapman 185th 36:05; Ellen Connolly 212th 37:01; Paul Wiegand 230th 37:37; Ian King 240th 37:48;  Ann Trett 244th 37:57; Maire Irlam 247th 38:08; Dean clark 248th 38:09; Justin Brown 276th 38:51;  Nicky Jennings 282nd 39:03; Ian Milburn 288th 39:19; Sarah Gauvin 289th 39:19; Neil Bailey 358th 42:12; Jay Gilbert 362nd 42:32; Jane Greenwood 367th 42:54; Gemma Rose 384th 43:45; Derek Barsby 392nd 44:14; Larissa Follen 440th 46:39; Joanne Clarke 463rd 48:24; Gilly Anderson 465th 48:46; Julia Oram 474th 49:36; Carly Read 488th 50:40; Gemma Read 490th 50:53; James Calvert 491st 50:53; Sarah Rippon 492nd 50:55; Judy Seale 498th 52:45; Cheryl Baird 504th 53:42; Jayne Sinnott 533rd 69;03.

On Saturday, Andre Pittock took part in the King’s Forest 50K Ultra near Bury St Edmunds and organised by Positive Steps Wellbeing and was 33rd in a field of 82 finishers in a time of 5:13:53.  The previous Sunday, Sarah Rippon was yet another FRC Ultra runner in action.  Sarah completed the Stort 30 Mile Ultra in Bishop Stortford in a time of 6:56:01.


All runners at Frostbite Race 2 ~ apparently the hill came as a bit of a surprise!

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