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By | 29/11/2016

Fenland Running Club had seven teams on Sunday in March AC’s annual Hereward Relay with over 100 teams racing from Peterborough to Whittlesey (6.9 miles), to March (10.4 miles), to Welney (11.0 miles) and finally to Ely (10.9 miles) giving a total of around 39 miles.  In a departure from entering the usual fastest men’s and ladies teams, this year the Club opted to match their seven teams for overall pace to make it a race within a race with their own unofficial Club timekeeping.  With team names themed on popular makes of running shoes, Fenland Mizuno were 1st in 5:10:04 (Maire Irlam 0:52:42; Tim Chapman 1:13:08; Carol Bowett 1:30:30; Luke Pinner 1:33:44); Fenland Asics 2nd in 5:16:21 (Larissa Follen 1:00:13; Paul Griffin 1:15:41; Jane Greenwood 1;38:52; Paul Weigand 1:21:35); Fenland Brookes 3rd in 5:17:13 (Melissa Milward 1:00:14; Jay Gilbert 1:31:27; Ian Milburn 1:29:55; Rod Sinnott 1:15:37); Fenland Zoots 4th in 5:20:47 (Carol Slater-Garner 1:06:53; John Chapman 1:19:27; Nicky Jennings 1:31:05; Andre Pittock 1:23:22); Fenland Nike 5th in 5:21:19 (Sam Henriques 1:04:09; John Shaw 1:21:23; Tracy Adams 1:47:39; Martin Jennings 1:08:08); Fenland New Balance 6th in 5:31:38 (Hannah Ryan 1:08:28; Graham Millham 1:13:35; Lewis Saunders 1:15:37; Sarah Rippon 1:53:58); Fenland Saucony 7th in 5:41:28 (Shane Draper 0:45:17; Sarah Gauvin 1:27:07; Julie Garner 1;57:36; Ian King 1:31:28).  Stage winners for stages 1 to 4 were Shane Draper (0:45:17), Tim Chapman (1:13:08), Lewis Saunders (1:15:37) and Martin Jennings (1:08:08).  Outstanding achievement of the day however was by Andrew Plume who entered and won the Ultra event race, completing the whole 39 miles in a phenomenal time of 5:18:26.

Andrew Plume on his way to winning the Ultra race (photo by Tim Chapman)


Stage 1 runners ready for the off

L to R Melissa Millward, Maire Irlam, Larissa Follen, Shane Draper,

Hannah Ryan, Sam Henriques and Carol Slater-Garner.

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