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By | 03/07/2017

The summer racing season continued for Fenland Running Club on Sunday at the March AC Whitemoor 5-mile race and many of the Club members made it even harder by partying late into the night on the Saturday at a Hog Roast and Disco the Club’s Awards evening at the Wisbech Rugby Club headquarters.  Award winners were: John Chapman (Club Champion); Gilly Anderson (New Member); Neil Bailey (Hayden Practice); Nigel Seale (most improved male runner); Gemma and Carly Read (most improved female runner, joint award); Graham Milham and Maire Irlam (best summer time-trial, male and female); Lewis Saunders and Carol Bowett (best winter time-trial, male and female); Dean Clark (Round Norfolk Relay); Martin Jennings (best summer 5K Grand Prix Series); Derick Barsby and Sarah Rippon (Frostbite Friendly League runner of the series male and female); Tom Richards (Geoff Tye overseas marathon); Andrew Plume (best male marathon); Sarah Gauvin (best female marathon); Graham Milham and Carly Read (Jane Tagney Memorial Mile male and female); Ethan Follen and Judy Seale (Jane Tagney Memorial Mile Hurriers, male and female); Ian Milburn and Jane Greenwood best performance in an open road race, male and female).

Fenland Running Club Prize Winners at the Awards Evening 2017
The March AC 5 mile race saw a host of superb performances with Martin Jennings and Andrew Plume continuing their battle for top-runner by finishing 4th and 5th respectively in a field of 210 runners.  Martin was 1st MV45 and Andrew 3rd Senior Man.  A host of other age category places followed with Jane Greenwood (1st LV60), Jac Richards (1st LV50), Claudia Milburn (2nd Senior Lady), Ian Milburn (2nd MV70), Tom Richards (3rd MV50); Ann Trett (3rd Senior Lady), Sarah Gauvin (3rd LV45), Julie Garner (3rd LV50).  Full Results: Martin Jennings 4th 29:06; Andrew Plume 5th 29:18; Graham Milham 20th 33:09; Tom Richards 30th 34:57; Richard Agger 45th 35:55; Claudia Milburn 46th 35:59; Joshua Searle 53rd 37:10; Nigel searle 54th 37:11; ann Trett 57th 37:36; Sarah Gauvin 58th 37:41; Paul Wiegand 66th 38:16; Ian Milburn 69th 38:32; Nicky Jennings 72nd 38:48; Ian King 80th 40:18; Jane Greenwood 91st 41:55; Hayley Missin 110th 44:25; Jac Richards 119th 45:06; Julie Garner 149th 47:54; Judy Seale 168th 50:15; Lucy Hicks 177th 51:15; sam Henriques 178th 51:15; Cheryl Baird 198th 58:37.
FRC gathering for March AC Whitemoor 5

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