Fenland Running Club Performance Standards

Anyone who has run a club time trial will have noticed that the results include reference to a performance standard. This is based on your age% performance. This percentage is designed to measure running performance to take account of runners of different sexes and ages. So for example  a 45 year old male runner may run the Sandall Road Time Trial in 21:05 whilst a 60 year old female runner run 26:30. Clearly the younger male runner is quicker than his older female clubmate but who’s is, after taking account of age and sex, the better performance. Applying the Age% to their performances tells us the younger male runner scores 67.1% whilst the older female runner scores 72.1% – making her’s the better performance.

Based on this the club has produced tables of performance standards to enable you to evaluate your efforts at both club time trials and in open road races and park runs. There are three levels of performance:

Bronze standard – based on and age % performance of over 58%

Silver Standard – based on an age % performance of over 68%

Gold Standard – based on an age % performance of over 78%

If you want to see how your performances compare and how quickly you need to run to achieve a particular standard you can check it out below.