Fenland Running Club Constitution

1. Name

This shall be Fenland Running Club

2. Objects

The objectives of the Club shall be to promote amateur athletics, especially road and cross country running.

3. Membership

  1. The Club shall consist of amateurs, according to the UKA definition of an amateur.
  2. Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Membership Secretary and approved by a majority of the Management Commiftee.
  3. Each member shall pay a subscripion decided by the Management Committee, to be approved at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. Subscriptions must be paid for the current year before the member can compete for the Club, except where the Club chooses to waive this rule.
  5. To resign, a member must inform the Club Secretary in writing.
  6. Any member guilty of misconduct, i.e. behavior contrary to the constitution, may be cautioned on the first misdemeanor or expelled from the Club by a majority decision of the Management Committee. Any person expelled will have the right to appeal to a meeting of the Management Committee, called at his or her request not later than two weeks from the date of the expulsion.

4. Club Colours

  1. The colours of the Club shall be purple and white vest with black shorts or leggings.
  2. Club Colours must be worn by all members representing the Club at a competitive event.

5. Management

The Management Committee shall consist of Chairman, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer (plus other elected officers) and three other members who may be appointed by management committee after AGM

  1.  An Honorary President may also be chosen at the AGM.
  2. The management committee shall meet monthly.
  3.  A quorum for meetings of the management committee shall be half of the elected members.
  4.  All decisions will be by majority vote –  the Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie.
  5. The Management Committee has the power to co-opt up to three extra members and form a sub-committee as and when considered necessary.
  6. An Auditor, who must not be a committee member, must be appointed at the AGM.
  7. Any elected committee member who is absent from three consecutive meetings may be asked to resign.

6. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  1. The AGM will be held in November to conduct the following business:
    (i) Receive and discuss a report from the management committee.
    (ii)  Presentationofaudited accounts.
    (iii) Election of officers.
  2. Motions to be discussed must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary at least two weeks before the meeting.
  3. Rules may be changed by two-thirds majority decision.
  4. One quarter of all paid up members will constitute a quorum.
  5. Only members aged 16 and over will be eligible to vote.

7. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

  1. An EGM may be held
    (i) At the request of the Management Committee in a meeting with quorum attendance.
    (ii) Following a written petition to the Club Secretary by ten paid-up members.
  2. Four weeks notice of an EGM shall be given to all members.
  3. One quarter of all paid up members will constitute a quorum.
  4. Only members aged 16 and over will be eligible to vote.
  5. All motions require a two-thirds majority for adoption.

8. Amendments to Constitution

The Management Committee, by two-thirds majority at a meeting with a quorum, may propose amendment to the Constitution. Changes may only be made at the AGM or at an EGM called for that Purpose.

9. Dissolution

  1. The Management Committeg by two-thirds majority at a meeting with a quorum, may move to dissolve the Club. They must then call an EGM giving four weeks notice to all Club members. If the motion is passed by two-thirds majority the Club will be dissolved.
  2. Altematively, one quarter of voting, members may petition the Club Secretary in writing to call an EGM for the dissolution of the Club..
  3. Upon dissolution any funds remaining after all debts have been met and any assets realised will be donated to the regional governing body for the furtherance of amateur athletics.