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This year’s GreenThumb Fen 10 is on Sunday 30th October over the pancake flat West Walton course. The race starts from Marshland High School at 11:00am. For full details on how to enter and to take a tour of the course visit the Fenland 10 webpage here. Check out the current list of entrants here.

We are also pleased to announce the inaugural GreenThumb Fen10 Relay. This is being run over the full 10 mile course as a three stage relay – each stage being approximately 3.33 miles. The GreenThumb Fen10 relay is open to any group of three persons – you don’t have to be a member of a club – just sign up and have fun! You can enter the relay through the Runners World online entry system. Please note there are no entries on the day for the relay. For further details check out the Fenland 10 relay run.

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We are affiliated to England Athletics and as Fenland Running Club we pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging the “hare” and the “tortoise” alike. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:30pm at Wisbech Rugby Club, Chapel Rd, Wisbech. It is the stated aim of the Club to help and encourage each and everyone, regardless of ability. Everyone is welcome.

Our session leaders work hard to ensure that the training sessions are all-inclusive to ensure that all members get the most out of them. Whether that be a focused schedule to beat a PB or simply to run with friends and likeminded people, Fenland caters for everyone.To allow for the differences in goals and abilities, most of our training sessions have four groups for you to choose to run in. The faster groups tend to run a little bit further and a bit faster but all groups do the same session and continually meet up throughout it. This allows for us to all run together and engage in the social aspect of the club whilst meeting everyone’s training needs.

Our concentration is on year-round running, at distances up to the marathon, with cross-country running in season. We enter teams each year in the very popular Round Norfolk, Hereward and Peterborough Green Wheel Relays and participate in the Frostbite Friendly League (a six race series), competing against other local clubs. We also organize outings to the London and other big-city Marathons. With over a hundred members, Fenland Running Club enjoys a good representation at most local races, often enjoying success in one or more of the categories. Being a supportive and friendly club, any member’s success is celebrated with pride by the whole team.

Whilst our training sessions are always meticulously designed to support the improvements of runners and there is always a keen focus on the social aspect to running with Fenland.

Do come along to one of our sessions to see what we do and to get a feel of the club. Runners of all abilities are welcome, whether new to running, training for competitions and races, or if you just want to run for fun and keep fit, we welcome you along and look forward to running with you.