Relay Races

Relay Races
Relay Races 

Take a look at the Relay Races Fenland Running Club take part in each year.

Green Wheel Relay

The GREEN WHEEL relay is a seven-stage race starting and finishing at The Athletics Arena, Bishops Road, Peterborough. The total distance is 50 miles and follows the outline of the Green Wheel.

The Green Wheel cycle route provides over 45 miles of continuous sustainable routes around the city of Peterborough. Opening in 2000, it was one of the first large scale projects delivered by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). Although aimed at Cyclists the route is equally good for running.

The event started in 2012 with just 12 teams the event has grown in popularity with 50 teams completing the course in 2019. Come and join us in 2020.

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Stage 1 Embankment to Eye 8.3 miles

Stage 2 Eye to Bull PH, Newborough 4.2 miles

Stage 3 Bull PH, Newborough to Packhorse PH Northborough 6.4 miles

Stage 4 Packhorse PH Northborough to Ferry Meadows 8.2 miles

Stage 5 Ferry Meadows to Norman Cross 8.60 miles

Stage 6 Norman Cross to Stanground 7.61 miles

Stage 7 Stanground to Peterborough Embankment 5.70 miles


Round Norfolk Relay

The course of the Round Norfolk Relay mirrors the county boundary over a distance of 198 miles, divided into 17 unequal stages. Norfolk's enormous skies, vast sandy beaches, open spaces and picturesque towns and villages, with their attractive cottages and medieval churches, all contribute to making the race a unique running experience. But it is likely to be the spectacular skies at sunset and sunrise which will provide the most vivid memories.

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STAGE 1 Kings Lynn (PE30 2NB) to Hunstanton (PE36 6EL) 16.32 miles

STAGE 2 Hunstanton (PE36 6EL) to Burnham Overy Staithe (PE31 8JF) 13.75 miles

STAGE 3 Burnham Overy (PE31 8JF) to Wells-Next-The-Sea (NR23 1DR) 5.76 miles

STAGE 4 Wells-Next-The-Sea (NR23 1DR) to Cley (NR25 7RZ) 11.14 miles

STAGE 5 Cley (NR25 7RZ) to Cromer (NR27 9BA) 10.81 miles

STAGE 6 Cromer (NR27 9BA) to Mundesley (NR11 8BE) 7.90 miles

STAGE 7 Mundesley (NR11 8BE) to Lessingham (NR12 0DF) 9.24 miles

STAGE 8 Lessingham (NR12 0DF) to Horsey (NR29 4EF) 7.52 miles

STAGE 9 Horsey (NR29 4EF) to Belton (NR31 7RQ) 16.60 miles

STAGE 10 Belton (NR31 7RQ) to Earsham (NR35 2AF) 18.13 miles

STAGE 11 Earsham (NR35 2AF) to Scole (IP21 4HG) 12.45 miles

STAGE 12 Scole (IP21 4HG) to Thetford (IP24 1HU) 19.67 miles

STAGE 13 Thetford (IP24 1HU) to Feltwell (IP26 4AY) 13.25 miles

STAGE 14 Feltwell (IP26 4AY) to Wissington (IP26 4QF) 7.27 miles

STAGE 15 Wissington (IP26 4QF) to Downham Market (PE38 9EP) 10.59 miles

STAGE 16 Downham Market (PE38 9EP) to Stowbridge (PE34 3PQ) 5.49 miles

STAGE 17 Stowbridge (PE34 3PQ) to Kings Lynn (PE30 2NB) 11.73 miles


Hereward Relay

The Hereward Relay was first run in 1998 when 14 teams took part and has grown with 117 teams taking part in 2018. The race starts in Peterborough and follows (as far as possible) the Hereward Way for over 39 miles to Ely crossing over bridleways, fields, bridges and tracks and is therefore unsuitable for wheelchair users. Teams consist of four members who each run one stage.

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STAGE 1 Peterborough to Whittlesey (6.9m)

STAGE 2 Whittlesey to March (10.3m)

STAGE 3 March to Welney (10.9m)

STAGE 4 Welney to Ely Football Club (10.9m)

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Green Wheel Relay

Round Norfolk Relay

Hereward Relay

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