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The Fenland 10 

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The Fenland10 is a flat PB potential 10 mile open road race. Since 2023 we are running a revised route with fewer right hand turns and start/finish area in the same location.

With the weather on our side this England Athletics licenced race has plenty of PB potential. The route starts near West Walton Junior School and heads out onto flat Fenland roads. Supported by lots of enthusiastic marshals, and with only 300 places, make sure you don’t leave it too late to sign up for this sell out race.


Race Licence: 2024-47326

Date :- 27th October 2024

Start time :- 11am

Venue :- West Walton School, West Walton, Wisbech PE14 7HA

Number collection :- From 09:30 on the day

How much is it?

£26 affiliated £28 unaffiliated 

no entries on the day

What can I expect?
  • Two water stations
  • Chip Timing with live results
  • Memento for all finishers
  • Lots of amazing cakes and refreshments
  • Fantastic marshals and lots of support
  • One of the Cambs Road League races
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Certified course

Course accuracy certificate

2024 Date: 27th October

Our refund and transfer policy

More than 7 days before race day

  1. Defer your entry to the following year
  2. Transfer your entry to another runner

Less than 7 days before race day

  • We are unable to defer, transfer or refund.

In the event we have to cancel the event due to extreme weather conditions, pandemics, etc. we will be unable to offer a refund or defer your entry but we will try to arrange an alternative date.

What others have said about our race

HI All

I just wanted to say a massive thanks again for hosting us again this year and making it an excellent event again. 

Best cakes in the area, Tea’s pretty good and one of the best races of the year, lovely and sunny, nice and flat but it was a bit windy though, if you could sort that for next year - that would be awesome.

Thanks again guys


Thanks for an excellent event, really lovely marshals and a fab cake selection. Well done for making it happen despite all the last minute hiccups that were beyond your control!

How to enter

Our chip timing is supplied by Sublime.

Race registrations are handled by Total Race Timing. 


If you would like to join in the fun without the run, please sign up to volunteer. We have lots jobs including course set up, marshalling, water stations, parking and catering.

We'll provide tea and coffee!

Q: Are there changing facilities and showers?
A: No, sorry, we do not have these facilities.
Q. How many runners will be in the race?
A. No more than 300. We are mostly limited by car parking, so when the 300th place has been sold, that's it, there are none left.
Q. Do you have a waiting list if it's sold out?
A. Total Race Timing (who look after our entries) have a waiting list system, so you might be lucky if you were late, but don't count on it.
Q: Will there be any vegan cake?
A: Almost certainly. The Race Director usually makes vegan flapjack.
Q: Is there a baggage drop?
A: Yes, there will be baggage facilities.
Q: Can I wear headphones?
A: No. This is not us being unfair, it's a UKA rule. Racers on open roads are not permitted to wear headphones, you will be disqualified if you are seen. Bone conductors are acceptable.
Q: Is there a map of the route?
A: Yes, take a look here
Q. If I run faster than anyone has run it before, will I be rewarded?
A. If you break the course record (female/male) you will win £50 on top of any other winnings you might get. The course record was set when we used our new course in 2023
Q: What will the runner's email say?
A: Please check back nearer the race for last minute updates, at the moment, it will say:

Dear Runner,

Fen 10, 27th October 2024 11:00
PE14 7HA

Registration opens at 09:30

Race HQ is the primary school which we used last year, it is a small and friendly space and the walls are adorned with children's work. PLEASE make every effort to respect the building and the children's work and ensure that any young folk in your care are also respectful.

Dogs are NOT permitted on school grounds.

There are no changing facilities.

The kitchen will be well stocked with refreshments so please bring some money or a card and join us for a post race cuppa and cake.

Please take the time to read the important safety instructions in this email, it is to ensure that we comply with the UKA road racing rules, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a good race in safety, and to make sure that we work well with the communities through which we are running.

There are no particular constraints with regard to Covid (or any other contagious desease) but if you have symptoms or are testing positive please do not come to the race.

As usual, our parking is quite limited so please try to car share where possible.
Please follow the marshal's instructions and remember that car parks always have pedestrians in them - please proceed at no more than walking pace through the car park - the racing starts after you have parked your car and finishes before you get back into it!

If you leave before the last runner has finished you must follow the marshal's instructions because you may have to cross the race route as you emerge onto the road.

UKA RULE: The Fenland 10 is run on open roads so UK Athletics rules dictate that over the ear or in-ear headphones are NOT permitted - you must be capable of hearing the instructions of marshals as they are there for your safety.
If you are seen wearing this kind of headphone you will be disqualified - we don't want any of our runners disqualified so PLEASE do not put us in this position.
Bone conducting headphones which leave the ear open are permitted.

We're following the highway code so please run on the LEFT hand side of the road at all times unless you are instructed otherwise. At some points you will be asked to keep to the pavement - this is for your safety and to allow trapped vehicles to pass.

The roads are generally in good condition although there are a couple of sections which can be uneven. We will aim to have marshals strategically placed and they will try to warn you. As you choose your running line please be aware of traffic around you and remember that there may be oncoming traffic at all times.

Our marshals are NOT permitted to control or direct traffic. If they think that there may be a collision between you and a vehicle they have been instructed to tell YOU to stop. If you are instructed to stop by a marshal you must obey!

There will be a fifteen minute early start for runners who expect to take longer than 2 hours and ten minutes. Please reply to this email if you would like to be included in the early start and let us know your expected time. If you are reading this in the FAQ's, please email us at fen10@fenlandrunningclub.co.uk to be added to the early start list.
There are two water stations on the route, one just after three miles, and the second at about six and a half miles. Water out on the course will be provided in compostable paper cups.

There will be a large waste bin about 100 metres after the water station, please aim your rubbish here. If you can't get it INTO the bin, make it NEAR the bin, NOT into the ditch or the hedge so that we can clear up afterwards.

On the topic of litter, we will equip each marshal point with a bin bag. If you have bottles, cups, gel wrappers (including that little bit that gets torn off - I know, I use gels) please aim all of this at the ground near a marshal. Do NOT throw litter into the hedges, verges, or ditches: Many of our volunteers live near their marshal points and we regularly run this area, the Race Director feels very strongly about litter and if you are seen to be littering you WILL be disqualified. Hold onto it until you get to a marshal. Simples.

There will be water provided at the finish, also in compostable cups.

You may notice that you pass a very discrete Fire Station just after 7.5 miles. Although the Fire Service will be aware that there is a race happening they will be very much focused on their customers if they get a call. If you hear sirens be prepared to give lots of clearance to a fast moving vehicle. We are not expecting any fires.
There is a medical information form on the reverse of your bib, please complete the details in case you are in need of assistance. If you have pre-existing conditions you must satisfy yourself that you are fit to run ten miles.

UKA RULE: You must wear your bib. Wear it on your running top, facing the front and do not fold or otherwise mutilate it. Also, if you wear it differently and don't get a chip time, please don't complain to the timing team.

You agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age category.
UKA has been working with UK Anti-Doping and has developed an Assurance Framework to ensure that everyone can compete fairly.

More information can be found at https://www.ukad.org.uk/national-anti-doping-policy and an entrant shall be deemed to have made themselves, familiar with, and agreed to be bound by the UKA Anti-Doping Rules and to submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules.
The UKA Anti-Doping Rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of Athletics, for 12 months from the date of entry, whether or not the entrant is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK.

Our UKA race licence is: 2024-47326





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